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What is web hosting?

Let’s talk about Web Hosting

web hosting imageThere are nearly two hundred million active websites that are live on the internet. Every one of them depends on hosting services for them to work. When you hire a web designer to build your website, they create files filled with code, images, video, and all other content. Some designers use open-source software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more.

A hosting services company like Envision Web Host supplies the location for these files on their servers. These files are in a specific server location and assigned an IP address connected to your domain name. When users click on your domain name, there is a search for the location of your files. Once the site is found, the user sees your website—all in just a few seconds. 

Hosting companies do much more than just hosting services.

  • Professional Email Accounts

  • Site Migration

  • Daily Backups

  • Domain Name Registration, Transfer, and Renewals

  • Free Security features

  • DNS Management

  • Email and Domain Name Forwarders

  • Content Management Systems

  • CDN’s

  • WordPress Maintenance

Shared Hosting Services

Shared hosting is the perfect balance of price and performance. Shared hosting is less expensive because all the resources are shared with other website owners. Approximately thirty-seven percent of all the websites you see on the internet are in shared hosting plans. People have asked if you can use a shared hosting plan with WordPress. The answer is you absolutely can. For most WordPress websites, shared hosting works perfectly. 

All our shared hosting plans provide the support you need to build and maintain a successful website. You can easily upgrade your plan if your business outgrows your current one.

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address helps you add a layer of protection within your shared hosting services. Because you share services and IP Addresses with other website owners, there is a greater likelihood of security vulnerabilities. A dedicated IP Address separates your website from the other owners by assigning you a unique IP address.

WordPress Web Hosting Services

Does WordPress work with shared hosting services? The answer is yes. I would go with shared hosting services for most WordPress websites. Many of the benefits you receive with fully managed WordPress hosting are included in shared hosting plans.

  • Daily Backups

  • Fast and Secure

  • Support Team

Managed WordPress hosting services can have some drawbacks.

  • More Expensive

  • Limited Only to WordPress

  • Limit the types of WordPress plugins you can install

To sum things up. Unless you build an incredibly advanced website with complex functionality, high bandwidth usage, or a vast E-commerce website, you will do just fine with a shared hosting plan.

What essential features should come with a hosting service plan?

  • SSD Raid 10 Drives – Much faster than traditional SATA hard drives

  • Web Host Manager w/cPanel – Control all of your websites without any coding knowledge

  • MariaDB – Much quicker than conventional MySQL

  • LiteSpeed Web Server – 9 times faster than Apache web server (what most web hosts use)

  • Nightly Backups – Sleep sound knowing your data is safe. You can quickly restore through cPanel.

Other Benefits Should Include

  • Cloudflare Integrated with Railgun – If you buy this directly at Cloudflare, it’s $200/month. Free with all accounts at Envision Web Host! Increases load time by 200%.

  • Free & Auto SSL – All domains and subdomains will automatically have SSL certificates installed (HTTPS). Cloudflare, for example, charges $20/month per site.

  • One Click WordPress Install – Login to cPanel, click WordPress and install. It’s that simple; no FTP program or coding is needed.

  • Multiple PHP Versions – Inside cPanel, you can choose which PHP version you want. You can also install extensions and manage limits from your interface.

Customer Support

When I started Envision Web Host, I wanted to offer customer support that helps our customers. We provide several types of customer support.

  • FAQ We have assembled a comprehensive FAQ section of some of the most common questions.

  • Getting Startednew users can get acquainted with some of the basics in our Getting Started section.

  • How To Articles – Help you with more complex problems.
  • Ticketing customer support – allows you to communicate with us directly. We help you with a wide variety of questions and offer sound solutions.
  • Knowledge Base Our vast knowledge base is the last type of customer support. We cover core subjects that are critical to understanding your hosting services.

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