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Get our most popular TLDs for FREE. As a new customer purchasing any of our two or three-year hosting plans, you enjoy a free .com, .net, or .org for the first year. Regular renewal rates will apply after the first year.

What is a domain name?

A domain name, in its most basic form, identifies the location of all your files. People remember phrases or words easier than a number. For example, is the domain name, but the IP address is is much easier for humans to remember, but the IP address is the language of computers. Translating your domain name to an IP address is called the domain name system (DNS).

Top five tips for creating a great domain name for your business.


Make sure you add keywords that people may use to find your business.


Keep your brand in mind when choosing your name. A generic domain like,, or may not resonate with potential customers. Branding like,,, and are clever ways to name your business.


Use the right domain extension for your business. There are over 1500 extensions in the world today. Let’s look at what some of these mean: .com – commercial, .org – organization, .net – network, .int – international, .edu – education, .gov – government (U.S. national and state government agencies), .mil – military (U.S. military). Also popular are country extensions: es – Spain, eg – Egypt, de – Germany, cz – Czech Republic, cn – China, ch – Switzerland, br – Brazil, ca – Canada, au – Australia, uk – Britan.


You want it easy to read, remember, and spell. Keep your domain name between six and fourteen letters. Any longer may be more challenging to recall and type into a search engine.


Stay away from hyphens and numbers! Remember, we want it easy for people to recognize your name. Numbers and hyphens usually do not add to the meaning or appeal.

ID Protection

Privacy has always been an issue for the internet. Anyone that owns a website takes the risk of identity theft. That’s where ID Protection comes in. Make your public information private when people do a Whois check on your website. During the domain name purchase process, you can add ID Protection.

Register Your Domain

A domain name can have a significant impact on your online presence. Click on the button below and type in your keyword or phrase. You will quickly realize if your domain name is available. Happy Hunting!

Key Tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Use keywords that describe your business.
  • Think of keywords your customer might use to find your business.
  • If your domain name is not available using .com, try other domains for example, .net, .biz, or .org. 

Transfer Your Domain

Having all your assets on one platform makes it easier to manage. Making it a breeze to add private name servers, set up email boxes, and all other services associated with your hosting.

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