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How to transfer your domain from your hosting service to Envision Web Host?

It is good to have your domain name and hosting plan all in the same place. One, billing is a lot easier. Two, there is no need to update nameservers or A records. Three, you have one single trusted company for all your services. 

It is essential to know which email address you used to register your domain name. You will receive a confirmation link when you initiate the transfer. 

Let’s learn how to transfer your domain name to Envision Web Host step by step.  

  1. You will need to disable the registrar lock with your current domain name registrar. Please note that your registrar must release your website. 
  2. If privacy protection is on, disable it. 
  3. You will need to get your domain name EPP Authorization code. Your current domain name provider will issue this code at your request. You will receive a confirmation email with your EPP code after submitting your request. 
  4. Go to Envision Web Host and initiate your transfer using your EPP authorization code.
  5. Time to configure your order. After you have configured your order, press continue.
    1. DNS Management – This allows you to manage DNS records for domains if you do not have a hosting service with us.

    2. ID Protection – Protects your personal information from being shown in the public Whois database. Includes an email forward with Spam filtering. Highly Recommended

    3. Email Forwarding – Provides the ability to forward email to an existing email account (i.e. Not needed for customers who purchase hosting with their domain.

    4. Nameservers – Enter the nameservers you wish to use for your domain. If you have an existing hosting service, these can be found inside our Client Portal or in your welcome email. If you’re ordering hosting with your transfer, these will be automatically set for you.

  6. After placing your order, you should look for your domain verification email. When you receive your transfer email, click on the verification link. You must click on the verification link for the transfer to begin.
  7. If you followed the process correctly, your domain transfer should complete within two to three days. Congratulations!
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