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Keep Your Audience Engaged With Video

There is nothing like video to promote your products or services!

81% of Your Competition Uses Video

It’s a stunning statistic and illustrates the point,

why aren’t you?

Choose the plan that’s perfect for your business.

Tell Your Story

Throughout history, people have expressed themselves through a story. When you do this with video, your point comes across more clearly. Your messaging will be enhanced a thousand times, and your audience will engage more frequently.

Why Choose Us

Professional Experience

Your video will be produced by an Emmy winning tv director.

Committed to Branding

We listen to your vision and produce a video that meets your brand requirements.


Trusted to be on time – on target – on budget


We create a fun, casual, welcoming, yet professional atmosphere in our office/studio. We make the experience shooting your video as memorable as the deliverables.

Freequently Asked Questions

Why are video blogs only thirty to one minute long?

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so the best videos are the ones that give enough information to entice the viewer, but not all of the information. Plus, your potential customer won’t have any reason to contact you if you give everything away in your video. Save some information for the in-person or phone meeting from your call to action in the video.

What’s the process of getting a video started?

  1. Fill out a questionnaire
  2. Make an appointment to meet with the producer
  3. Have a creative consultation in their office
  4. Book a date for the shoot
  5. You’ll get a checklist with everything you need to do to prepare for the shoot
  6. Arrive on your scheduled time and record with the help of our producer/coach

How will you help me look natural on camera?

If I’ve never been on camera before, and I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. 

Our Emmy winning producer/director has spent over 20 years as a tv director working on reality tv shows coaching real people, not actors, on shows like Dr. Phil, Inside Edition and E! Entertainment television.

She’s an expert at coaching and guiding real people on how to appear natural on camera. She’ll be with you every step of the way. A lot of magic happens in the editing process. We’ll make you look and sound like the pro that you are!


Do I need to have professional hair and make-up?

Yes and no. If you want the full tv experience, we can order our professional hair and make-up people to work with you upon arrival. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend additional money on your shoot day, here’s a tip.

Book your monthly hair appointment the morning of your shoot, and go directly from your hair appointment to the Macy’s make-up counter and have them do your make-up (be sure to buy the powder they used, and maybe a lipstick so we can touch you up during the shoot) and come into the studio make-up ready.

What should I wear on camera?

We will guide you on what to wear, and what not to wear during our in-office consultation.

Am I getting a good deal?

The companies that handle smaller clients don’t have the professional quality videos that we provide. We found our sweet spot right in the middle to accommodate the professional business client who wants to grow and understands that this investment in themselves is going to gain them a measurable ROI, and the payments are in simple monthly installments.

Any Questions?

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